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Consulting teams comprised of exceptional talent help clients find solutions to critical challenges and develop sustainable solutions for their businesses. By applying deep industry knowledge and keen business acumen, the best consultants execute projects that deliver superior results. They are more than trusted advisers to their clients -- they become true partners.



Winning an award satisfies the competitive spirit of many great firms and leaders. Awards are also an exciting way to promote a firm, team and project while motivating employees and clients to be better and strive for excellence.

  • Firms will gain recognition by showcasing their unique methodologies and highlighting the successful outcomes derived from exceeding client expectations. Providing internal validation for their project teams and inspiring commitment and motivation to excel fosters strong ties with clients, helping to promote long-term relationships.

  • Project teams will promote their firm’s brand through media attention. An award is a stellar reference for approaching new clients and winning business. This opportunity will highlight high-quality project management and strong client relationships.

  • Clients will be motivated to participate to enhance their standing within their own industries as a proactive agent for positive change and improvement. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate project and client teams' success internally and affirm the importance of collaborative consulting projects going forward.



  • Lengthen submission period by 2 months
  • Keep client and firm name anonymous until the finalists are announced
  • Eliminate executive summary from the list of required documents
  • Standardize interview questions for interviews (consulting firms only) and decrease interview time from 45 to 30 minutes
  • Obtain client feedback through a survey
  • Remove cap on the number of allowed submissions
  • Allow a single project to be submitted for up to 3 different categories
  • The addition of a single category celebrating the internal initiatives that help build firm brand and reputation
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